SurveyXL – Surface and underground survey system

SurveyXL is a complete underground and surface survey package.

SurveyXL stores its pegs registry securely in an Oracle, SqlServer or for standalone situations SqlLite database.

SurveyXL allows importing data from Modelmaker, GemCom Surpac, Datamine and all text formats.

In addition SurveyXL can synchronise spatial data with Oracle or Sql Server databases.

SurveyXL provides key functionality for underground survey including

1. Double Button button and Double setup peg calculations
2. Traverse calculations with Bowditch correction
3. Offsetting
4. Contouring
5. Measuring reports
6. Peg plotting
7. Automatic over and under mining calculations
8. Automatic pillar creation
9. Gyro calibration and calculations

For surface operations SurveyXL supports:

1. Surface building with breaklines
2. Contouring
3. Cut and fill operations
4. Triangle flipping and surface editing

SurveyXL can import data from various total stations using the Instrument Interface program that come with SurveyXL.

We support TopCon, Leica, Sokkia and all the main brands.

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